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In addition to custom design built of residential and commercial construction services, we provide the following services — AND MORE!

Whether it’s hundreds of dollars or millions that’s on the line in a construction project, the number one priority becomes avoiding costly mistakes. Bound by strict financial constraints and crushing deadlines, not accounting for every detail and contingency is a recipee for disaster. At SLiJR, we can help. We offer project management services on large scale commercial construction projects on a job by job basis. From planning and design, to budget allocation, resource management, and more, we help you keep your construction process on well-oiled track. Call, email, or fill out out our contact form today to to reach is and let us help you the best we know how.

Project Management for a fee

Construction Manager Agency

Owners Representative-when you are ready to build your larger program project and as an owner do not have staff on hand to manage your construction project, we offer the construction manager agency option whereby we act as your agent in putting your project together from preconstruction through closeout warranty. This immediately allows you to have a fully qualified professional at your service providing you with necessary and relevant timely information about your project as you work through the design and construction of the commercial facility. We have decades of experience managing multi million dollar commercial construction projects of all types and are here to be your eyes and ears.

Abandoned Structures in North Carolina made new

have you ever been out on that country Road driven by that old farmhouse seen that old barn and wished you had one just like it, well we offer that service providing all proven building techniques and architecture that last beyond our time, done with old school means and methods. The testament to the construction type and architecture is found in the fact that many of these structures were originally built in the 1850s era showing us that quality and longevity are possible following similar processes